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About Inputs Monitor

Inputs Monitor surveys thousands of ag retail locations throughout the Midwest to provide both buyers and sellers an anonymous method to check local high, low and average prices for key inputs.

Price Tracking and Analysis On:Inputs-variety

  • Anhydrous
  • DAP
  • MAP
  • Potash
  • UAN 28 & 32
  • Urea
  • Farm Diesel
  • LP

Price Tracking

Utilize the pricing table to track price movement in your crop district in state. The Inputs Monitor graphing ability allows for you to easily view the direction each specific fertilizer and fuel is headed.

Industry News

Your time is valuable, and we know that. That's why Inputs Monitor  editor Davis Michaelsen includes only the news, information and analysis we think is important. Don't expect a huge volume of news, just the news that really matters.

Advice Alerts

By analyzing trends in the fertilizer and fuel markets, we offer summarized, easy to follow(and specific) buying advice. You'll get all of the information, analysis and perspective you need to make a good decision, along with our advice, backed with fundamental and technical arguments.